showyourwork.subproc.get_stdout(args, shell=False, cwd=None, secrets=[], callback=<function process_run_result>)#

A thin wrapper around that hides secrets and decodes stdout and stderr output into utf-8.

  • args (list or str) – Arguments passed to

  • shell (bool, optional) – Passed directly to

  • cwd (str, optional) – Directory to run the command in, if different from current working directory.

  • secrets (list, optional) – Secrets to be masked in the output.

  • callback (callable, optional) – Callback to process the result.


Parse a requests return object r and raise a custom exception for a >200-level status code.

showyourwork.subproc.process_run_result(code, stdout, stderr)#

Default callback function for get_stdout.