Contributor Guide#

Contributing to the documentation#

A great place to start contributing is to documentation. In order to do this you’ll want to run the docs locally. Here are the steps for getting setup.

Initial setup#

  1. Fork the showyourwork! github repo and clone your forked repo locally

  2. Create a conda environment for the docs

Building the docs includes a few extra libraries that aren’t required for showyourwork! users, so its helpful to create a separate environment for those. You should only ever have to do this step once.

conda env create -n sywdocs -f docs/environment.yml

During development#

The remaining steps will be run every time you work on the documentation.

  1. Activate the docs environment

conda activate sywdocs
  1. Go into the documentation folder

cd docs
  1. Create the html from the reStructured Text (.rst) files

make html
  1. Run a local file server of the docs website

python3 -m http.server -d _build/html

From here you can go to a web browser and open up the docs using the port shown in terminal. (Ex. localhost:8000)

The last two steps will need to be run every time you make a change in the .rst files and want to view them. Because of this it can be nice to run them together using

make html && python3 -m http.server -d _build/html

That’s the setup! Open documentation issues can be perused here .

Open Issues#

Another great way to contribute is to raise or open issues. Showyourwork issues can be found in the github repo. The “contributions welcome” tag is a great place to start!